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Hiram College's Hiawatha Campus "Northwoods" on Michigan's Upper Peninsula
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     Hiram College's Northwoods-Hiawatha Campus is ten acres of beautiful wilderness in the Hiawatha National Forest located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. There are currently six cabins, each capable of sleeping eight students, and a main three-story lodge with modern gas cooking facilities and refrigeration. The lodge and all six cabins were built using the tall pine trees on site, and best of all, the labor was furnished entirely by Hiram College faculty and students. Professor Knight and his band of devoted Hiram College students were able to build by hand the magnificent Viking-style lodge and all six cabins in ten years. They used axes and saws with make-shift ramps and pulleys - a true labor of love and dedication to Hiram College. You do not want to miss this wonderful Northwoods experience, for it will become something special in your life, and will visit your future dinner-table conversations for many years.


     Go ahead, poke the fire with a stick; watch a myriad of burning embers flee into the night air and rendezvous with the scent of pine clinging to the evening breeze. The fire snaps loudly as a passing moon-cast shadow betrays an owl’s silent flight.  This is a time of hush around friends and campfire, one of the quiet periods finding its way between the jokes and ghost stories. A splash ripples Cherry Lake’s mirrored surface as a fish or turtle unknowingly gets your attention. The fire cracks again competing with a loon’s final cry of the evening. Ah, and now it’s just perfect, your marshmallow, just the right shade of toasty brown. As you reach to enrapture it between two chocolate squares, you discover the chocolate has started to melt.  Oh darn, now you must lick your fingers - bother, bother.
Our crystal water comes from wells on the property pumped by solar power or wind from our working windmill. Our electricity is received from the sun using modern solar panels, and because of the summer solstice and our distance north, darkness arrives after 11:00 pm. By the way, watch for the northern lights and eagles - when seen, they're both spectacular!
     Northwoods - our special wilderness campus built by our faculty and alumni. Northwoods - designed for a most extraordinary adventure and unforgettable learning experience. Northwoods - where the time of day is determined by the cry of a loon - is a very special place, and we offer the experience to you with great pride. This is Hiram College; this is what we do.

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