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Heroes of Peace - What can their inspirational values teach us?

Roger F. Cram
A Researcher and Educator of Heroic Values

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The values associated with true heroes were discovered through twenty years of researching the crisis-solving ideals embraced by eighty famous world heroes of peace - eleven of these heroes are pictured above. The unexpected results of my research is most inspiring and life-changing for us all!



If stumbling upon this webpage you are not prepared to look deep within yourself to find the wherewithal for developing peaceful solutions to horrific problems, and if you were not looking for a peaceful way of overcoming extreme obstacles for the benefit of yourself as well as mankind - well, you have found it anyway. Now what are you going to do? You can close this webpage and continue idly surfing, or you can prepare to become a person who can address chaos with a calming tone, an individual who is destined to enrich the lives of others.

If you do not change your direction, you'll end up where you're headed! Lao Tzu

What is a hero of peace?
Guardians of peace, without regard to personal consequences, embrace obstacles as opportunities for growth, utilize fear as a means to show courage, protect and maintain the dignity of their adversaries, crusade compassionately for those unable to speak for themselves, and celebrate diversity for the enrichment of mankind.

Who can become a hero of peace?
The greatest heroes of peace did not consider themselves heroes. Few of them intended to become heroes. Most are average citizens. Some are born into extreme poverty. The people who do this well are young. The people who do this very well are old. The people who do this best are men. The people who do this better are women. Are you one of these? Do you qualify?

How were these programs created?
At various Northeast Ohio colleges and universities, I conducted over twenty years of research into the values and methodologies of world heroes of peace to understand the crises-calming techniques they embraced. My students and I researched Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu, Dr. Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, and seventy-four other guardians' of peace. The positive and unexpected results of my research is life changing!

What do my speeches and workshops address?
The only difference between the DNA of a human and an ape is 1.5%. Our behavior is mostly governed by the instincts of aggression, dominance, competition, jealousy, acceptance, self-esteem, and searching for a mate.  These instincts worked very well in the hunting-and-gathering clans 120,000 years ago. They are creating havoc in our modern cultures. Domestic violence, teenage gangs, corporate takeovers, violent crimes, war, and discrimination are examples of the dominance and aggression that have plagued our society since homo sapien sapiens migrated out of Africa.

The need to join groups is a strong instinct. Our political and religious groups have resulted in thousands of wars and conflicts throughout history. However, these groups are necessary for sharing our ideas and assets.

How have heroes of peace overcome these instincts while maintaining their peaceful interactions with others? How do our instincts cause severe problems in our personal relationships, our workplace environments, our political affiliations, and our parenting skills?

The instincts of dominance, aggression, and building one's self-esteem have resulted in a multitude of social problems. The history of the United States reveals these problems as Anglo-Saxons tried to interact with the Native Americans, blacks, Irish, Italians, Jews, Chinese, Latinos, Puerto Ricans, and many other groups. This human characteristic of dominance proves true throughout the world as the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, the Israelites and Palestinians in the Middle East, the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, and hundreds of other conflicting groups try to peacefully interact.

Taking a closer look at ourselves is often uncomfortable. If you are inspired to become a true leader, an effective supervisor, a nurturing parent, a group mentor, a loving and considerate mate, or even a hero of peace, understanding this subject matter will richly benefit your endeavors in many ways.
Roger F. Cram
Roger F. Cram

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