Quotes by Roger F. Cram
A researcher and educator of human values.

Roger F. Cram
Modeling Future Heroes
PO Box 642
Hiram, Ohio 44234
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1. Love is a conscious intentional commitment revealed ONLY in our behavior choices toward the ones we love.  It is NOT just a wonderful warm feeling in our heart. 
Roger F. Cram

2. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. All the matter and energy that ever existed still exists -- no more, no less. Therefore, the matter and energy that comprises all of everyone, our bodies, our thoughts, and our souls, have always been and will always be. We are all made of stardust. We are eternal. Take comfort in this.
Roger F. Cram

3. Humans prosper in both health and spirit when living with love, happiness, and peace.  Humans get sick and wither when living
with stress, sadness, and in judgment of others. Perhaps our bodies and minds are telling us something about the natural laws that
created us.  Perhaps we should listen.

Roger F.Cram                                                                                                                                                                                              

4. Failing is the successful completion of a stepping stone toward a goal.  No one fails any endeaver unless they quit.
Roger F. Cram

5. Governments search for peace through summit meetings, peace treaties, sanctions, and intimidating weapons.  Peace is not among those things. Peace is only inside you; find it there and then give it to your government. 
Roger F. Cram

6. The most underutilized and ignored assets and the most valuable assets of any organization are the same - the diversity* of its people.
Roger F. Cram

         *diversity = one’s abilities, interests, talents, experiences, beliefs, customs, culture, points-of-view, rituals, influences, networks, assets, and any
                beneficial characteristic distinguishing one person from another.

7. When you march into hell for a heavenly cause you won't have much company, but the company you do have will be magnificent!
Roger F. Cram

8. The courts and laws representing the people abhor criminal behavior; therefore, the courts should not sit in judgment of others if their punishments are identical to the criminal behavior they denounced and judged.  If one kills another, the courts will not show the horror of that crime by killing the offender.
Roger F. Cram

                   9. If you react to an adversary with the same anger, violence, and insults used toward you, then you have encouraged further aggression
                   and announced to others that you are also just as uncontrolled, weak, and insecure as your adversary. React to an adversary’s anger,

                    violence, and insults with wisdom, composure, and empathy, and you have calmed your adversary and announced to others you are
                   most competent and in control.

                   Roger F. Cram

                  10. Do not sail around the storms of life to avoid their wrath, rather navigate toward them, for these storms are not barriers to your goals,

                    but rather your destinations. Chart your course for chaos searching for the hungry and destitute, for where chaos reigns is where your

                    talents of peace will flourish and do the most good. Seek those unable to speak for themselves and offer them a beacon of hope as you

                    confront their oppressors for them.  Run toward, not away from the cries of the anguished. The ignorant need to be educated, don’t look for

                    them in modern schools. The angry and violent need to be calmed; you won’t find them in areas where human rights are practiced.
  Roger F. Cram

                  11. Frequently immerse yourself in silence; be still, listen, for the truly impoverished are too weak to cry above a whimper.
                   Roger F. Cram

                  12.  Superman can fly and has x-ray vision, but he is make-believe. Wonder Woman was made from clay and can deflect bullets with her
                  wrist bracelets, 
but she is imaginary as well. You are real. You are made from pure stardust aged for 17-billion years. You are the only life form on
                  Earth capable of giving love. You can decide the person you want to be, and then acquire the skills to create that individual. You can gather the
                  energies that shaped the universe and redirect them for the enrichment of mankind. Wow! Who is the real superhero?
   Roger F. Cram
                 13. Our excess, if we give it away, is critical for the survival for the destitute; if we keep it, we are burdened with its storage, protection, and

                  care.   When we die, it is usually discarded by our heirs.
                  Roger F. Cram


                 14. I can hardly move because I ate too much at Thanksgiving. My neighbors can hardly move because they had nothing to eat.
                  Roger F. Cram


                 15. When overeating, our extra food that could nourish the hungry is transformed into our poor health and gluttony. Is this a wise exchange?
                 Roger F. Cram


                 16. There are some people who would starve to death if locked in a grocery store.
                 Roger F. Cram


                 17. Do not give love and charity to others intending to earn your way into heaven, for if love is not given unconditionally, it is not love.

                 Roger F. Cram

18. When communicating opposing ideas, the goal is not to have your opponent change his/her mind and agree with you, but to simply have

                  your opponent and you listen and understand each other's  point-of-view.
                 Roger F, Cram


                 19. Set a goal, then enjoy the journey to its completion, all aspects and obstacles of it, the mini victories, the planning, and the setbacks, the

                 wisdom gained - not just the brief victory at the end.
                 Roger F. Cram

20. Every person I don't like, someone else loves. Perhaps I do not have the total picture.
Roger F. Cram


                 21. If you keep nourishing your inner dragons with contempt and malice for others, they will keep growing, and eventually devoure you. 
                 Roger F. Cram

If you believe any group of human beings has more intelligence or ability than another group, you are wrong.  If you have data proving any group of
                 human beings has more intelligence or ability than another group, your data is wrong.
                 Roger F. Cram.

         23. When someone degrades or verbally attacks me, they provide me with a marvelous opportunity to excel peacefully! Do I welcome and take advantage 

                 of these opportunities?
                 Roger F. Cram

My hostile reaction to people gives them power over me; if I limit my harsh reaction, I will limit their power. My compassionate reaction to people’s
                anger gives me power over them; the more I increase my compassion, the more control over peace I will sustain.

                Roger F. Cram

As a hero of peace, it is not your obligation to correct or discipline others.  Through your examples of excellence, you should transform unproductive,

                hostile, and threatening situations into creative, enriching, and peaceful ones.
                 Roger F. Cram


                26. As a child, I had limited control over how my parents treated me, but as an adult, I have almost total control over how I treat myself.
                Roger F. Cram

                27. Serendipity is God's way of remaining anonymous.
Roger F. Cram

                28. When your fighting with an idiot, make sure he/she is not doing the same thing.

                Roger F. Cram