Fall 2006
Hiram College
Room 2 Colton Turner

Colloquium – The Tuskegee Airmen; Lessons in Passive Excellence - Fall 2006
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First Writing Assignment
Second Writing Assignment

Third Writing Assignment

 A - Learning Level One: The Curse of Being Human – Instinct Self-Management

1.       Aug 25 – Friday

TA – Punctuation & Grammar
Lecture: Humans vs. Animals
Discussion: The Curse of Being Human Chapter 1
Instinct vs. Reason; the Human Dilemma

2.       Aug 28 – Monday

TA – Punctuation & Grammar
Lecture: The Curse of Being Human Chapters 2 & 3

The Appearance of Civilization
Dating and Mating

3.       Aug 30 – Wednesday

TA – Punctuation & Grammar
Lecture: The Curse of Being Human Chapter 4

4.       Sep 1 –Friday

TA – Punctuation & Grammar
Lecture: The Curse of Being Human Chapters 5
Quiz: The Curse of Being Human, Chapters 1-4
First writing assignment issued

      Sep 4 – Monday – No Class – Labor Day

5.       Sept 6 – Wednesday

TA – Punctuation & Grammar
Lecture: The Curse of Being Human Chapter 6
Lie, Cheat, and Steal

6.       Sep 8 – Friday – Ashley Nuzzi and Carol Donley
TA – Punctuation & Grammar
Writing Workshop in Class – Help on first assignment

1.       Sep 11 – Monday
TA – Punctuation & Grammar

First writing assignment draft is due
Lecture: The Curse of Being Human Chapters 7 and 8

2.       Sep 13 – Wednesday

The Curse of Being Human Chapters 9 and 10
Guest Lecturer:
Why We Persecute Each Other  

3.       Sep 15 – Friday
Guest Speaker - Al Conners – Nigeria Civilization

10. Sep 18 – Monday

TA – Punctuation & Grammar
Lecture: The Curse of Being Human Chapters 11 and 12
First writing assignment draft is returned with comments

11.   Sep 20 – Wednesday

TA – Punctuation & Grammar
Quiz: The Curse of Being Human Chapters 5 through 12

12.   Sep 22 – Friday 

TA – Punctuation & Grammar
First Writing Assignment Due
Career Day Kathryn Craig (45 Min)

B - Learning Level Two: The Hal Reichle Phenomena – Ego-Free Compassion

13. Sep 25 – Monday

Lecture:  Who Was Hal Reichle?               

a.       The Hal Reichle and the SSSSH Story.

b.       Level Three Giving - Ego-Free Compassion.

14.   Sep 27 – Wednesday

 Lecture: - Anonymity and Instinct           

a.       The Incredible Benefits of Anonymity.

b.       Beneficial Publicity vs. Anonymity.

c.       Instinctual Conflict of Ego-Free Compassion and Reciprocal Giving

15.   Sep 29 – Friday

Multi-Media – Show DVD, SSSSH, The First Year

16.   Oct 2 – Monday

Lecture:  - Community without Tragedy                 

a.       Developing Community without Tragedy

b.       Diversity and Community   

c.       The New Positive Psychology.

d.       Another’s Gain is Not Your Loss

e.       An Outer and Inner Measure of Self-Worth.

17.   Oct 4 – Wednesday

Lecture:  Letters to SSSSH – Anonymous Deeds 

a.       Letters to SSSSH

b.       Doing Anonymous Good Deeds

c.       SSSSH projects: The elderly, the young, the handicapped

Quiz: On the SSSSH Phenomena

C - Learning Level Three: The Tuskegee Airmen – Passive Excellence

18.   Oct 6 – Friday

Lecture: Who Were the Tuskegee Airmen? 

a.       Who Were the Tuskegee Airmen

b.       The Struggle and the Accomplishments, 1944 to present.

c.       Level Four Giving – Overcoming Social Consequences

Discussion: The Black Knights Chapters 1-3

19.   Oct 9 – Monday

Film – The Tuskegee Airmen –  HBO

Second writing assignment given

 Oct 11 – Wednesday

                          Lecture: Obstacles and Passive Excellence  

a.       The Principles of the Tuskegee Airmen – Passive Excellence

b.       Group / Race / Political / Cultural Obstacles

c.       Change through Excellence or Protest.

Discussion: The Black Knights Chapters 4 and 5

Oct 13 – Friday – No Class – Fall Weekend

20.   Oct 16 – Monday

Lecture: The Tuskegee Airmen – Their Value System 

a.       Why Did the Tuskegee Airmen Perform So Remarkably?

b.       Passive-Excellence as a Communications Medium.

c.       Establishing a Substantial Internal Value System.

d.       Your Behavior is Not Based on the Behavior of Others

Discussion: The Black Knights, Chapters 6 and 7

21.   Oct 18 – Wednesday

Film: The Tuskegee Airmen; They Fought Two Wars

22.   Oct 20 – Friday

Lecture: The Tuskegee Airmen Conflict Resolution Model

a.       Your Next Response – its Intended Purpose; its Actual Result.

b.       Responses to Conflict Guided by Internal Values.

c.       Our Main Enemy = Ourselves!

d.       Maintaining Your Adversary’s dignity.

Discussion: The Black Knights Chapters 8 and 9

23.   Oct 23 – Monday
Second writing assignment draft is due

Lecture: The Black Knights Chapters 10 through 12

Lecture: Failure or Stepping Stone? 

a.       No Such Thing as Failure, Only Step-by-Step Challenges.

b.       Maintaining the Dignity of Those You Conquer.

24.   Oct 25 – Wednesday
Quiz: The Black Knights Chapters 1 through 5

Lecture: The Black Knights Chapters 13 through 14

Guest Speaker – Original Tuskegee Airmen Major Edward Lunda

25.   Oct 27 – Friday
Second writing assignment drafts are returned with comments

Lecture: The Black Knights Chapters 15 through 16

Film: Black Pilots of WWII

26.   Oct 30 – Monday

Lecture: The Black Knights Chapters 17 through 19
Quiz: The Black Knights Chapters 6 through 9

Speaking Assignment given – 5 minute speech

27.   Nov 1 – Wednesday
Second writing assignments are due
Lecture: -
Tuskegee Airmen Problem Solving Model 

a.       Problem-Solving and Goal-Reaching Techniques.

b.       The Tuskegee Airmen Model

c.       Individual and Group Solutions

28.   Nov 3 – Friday

5-Minute Speeches presented in class

29.   Nov 6 – Monday

Lecture: The Tuskegee Airmen Value System

D - Learning Level Four:  Searching for Values – Self-Actualization Engagement

30.   Nov 8 – Wednesday

Lecture: –  Life is a Journey, Not a Destination 

a.       Every Person is Responsible for the Other

b.       You have a Purpose in Life

c.       You Can Pick People up or Put Them Down

      Third writing assignment given

31.   Nov 10 – Friday

Guest Speaker – Carol Ruggie – Sparrow Village

32.   Nov 13 – Monday
Lecture: Level-Five Giving – Self-Actualization Engagement                        

a.       Sparrow Village - Level-Five Giving

b.       Sparrow Village - Self-Actualization Engagement                        

c.       Victim, Rescuer, Bystander, Perpetrator

33.   Nov 15 – Wednesday

Lecture: The Power of One

a.       One Person – the Power of One.

b.       The Choice of Perfection, Greatness

c.       Making a Stand Based on Your Values

d.       Instinctual Drives -  We Have the Power to Stop

e.       Free Choice – Following, Leading, and Choosing a Response

Quiz: Human Values

34.   Nov 17 – Friday

Class Breakfast Party
Final writing assignment due – this is your final exam.

First Writing Assignment:

Hiram College

Colloquium – The Tuskegee Airmen – Fall 2006

First Writing Assignment Essay


Issued September 1, 2006

Writing Workshop to help with first draft – September 8

First draft due September 11

First draft returned with comments September 15

Final essay due – September 18


Please submit all papers printed or by email ( in Microsoft Word double spaced, 12-point New Times Roman font, no more than 1" borders and with a minimum 3-full pages.


Subject: Taking material from class lectures and from the first 5 chapters of the text The Curse of Being Human, write an essay describing an unpleasant encounter you experienced with another human being that had an initial disagreeable outcome. Discuss the instinctual behavior used by you and the other party during the encounter, why these instinctual behaviors may have been advantageous 100,000 years ago, why they are socially inappropriate today, and how you would change the outcome of this encounter if you experienced it again.


Follow the guidelines in the class handout materials for writing essays making sure your first paragraph has a good thesis sentence.



Second Writing Assignment:

The Tuskegee Airmen
Second Writing Assignment

You are to compare and contrast the problem-solving and conflict-resolution techniques used by the Tuskegee Airmen and your assigned hero. You should start researching your assigned hero now to learn what techniques he or she used. The problem-solving techniques used by the Tuskegee Airmen will be presented in class over the next few weeks.

Through this assignment you are to demonstrate an understanding of the writing lessons presented in our class. Therefore, I will be looking for an initial paragraph with a thesis sentence, various sentence structures, proper use of commas, semicolons, and colons;  parallelism, lack of excessive passive voice, correct spelling, well developed thought, and the correct use of references for your researched source materials.

It will be necessary to take excellent class notes to learn and understand how the Tuskegee Airmen solved their many difficult situations. From these notes, you can then compare your research on the problem-solving techniques of your assigned hero.

The finished paper is to contain at least four full pages of double-spaced text and 12-point, New Times Roman font with 1” margins or less. Please staple your pages together, number your pages, and write your name at the top of each page.

The initial draft of this assignment is due October 23 with the final paper due November 1, 2006.

Third Writing Assignment:



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