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Secrets of Bird Flight Photography
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     Your bird-photographs will show razor-sharp wings!  You can count the feathers -- even on hummingbird's wings! You don't need expensive photographic equipment like powerful telephoto lenses or radio controlled shutter releases to photograph birds in flight! Most photographs will be taken with a standard 50-mm lens.  How can this be? With these photo techniques, the bird comes to your camera instead of you trying to reach the bird with telephoto lenses. You're going to love this exciting photographic experience!
    This amazing photography course can be fully utilized by a beginner entering the field/hobby of photography, and experienced amateurs and professionals will learn new techniques as well!  Beginner or expert, this course describes photo techniques as they have never been presented before! Each chapter is fully explained in extremely clear and simple terms - so simple in fact, you might think you're reading an elementary school book! 
     What makes this bird-photography course so remarkable is the unusual clarity and simplicity that is used to explain complicated photographic techniques. Such clarity is a must for the reader to fully understand the many aspects of photography needed to successfully photograph flying birds.
     The chapters in this course are presented with an extremely useful perspective that you'll find very helpful in all aspects of photography.  Information such as never again needing to focus your adjustable 35-mm camera!  Instruction on how to take perfect exposures in the sunshine or shade without adjusting your lens or shutter speed! How about being able to extend the useful range of your electronic flash to over 200 feet! That's just the beginning!
These photographic and camera techniques work equally well from an open window inside your home or out in the wilds!  You can go outside and set up your camera in an open field, on a beach, in a forest, in the mountains, in a city park, or stay inside your home by an open window! Your home may be a small house in the country or a high-rise apartment building in the city! These bird photography techniques work equally well in any season of the year (even winter)! This photography course takes cutting edge, bird-flight photography and camera techniques and reduces them to easy to understand explanations.  Wait until you see your bird photographs!
     This course starts out as if you know nothing about photography.  If you're a beginner, you won't get lost.  If your an experienced photograher, you'll get a great review. What's best is the course is free. Learn the joy's of bird-flight photography!

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