A Bird-Flight Photography Course
Secrets of Bird Flight Photography

To register for this course call or contact: Hiram College  PO Box 1808  Hiram, Ohio, 44234   Phone: 330-569-5161   Website: http://www.hiram.edu

      hummingbird2     bird flying sparrow photography.jpg (7238 bytes)     bird watching sparrow landing photography.jpg (13502 bytes)         malehummingbird

The above three hummingbirds were photographed at Northwoods during this class. The sparrows were photographed at Hiram, Ohio.

  One Credit-Hour Workshop
Hiram College Summer Course at Northwoods
July 14 to July 20, 2015
Instructor Roger F. Cram

Course Description

This is a workshop in bird flight photography, something experienced professionals often have difficulty accomplishing. 
Depth of field, stopping action, shutter speeds, lens apertures, electronic flash, composition, and other photographic techniques will be fully covered.  Learning these bird-flight photography principles will also give you the necessary background to take portraits, wedding photographs, vacation photographs, landscapes, close up photography and more.

Whether you are an experienced photographer or a raw beginner, this course covers all the basics of photography. Your bird-photographs will show razor-sharp wings!  You can count the feathers -- even on hummingbird's wings! You don't need expensive photographic equipment like powerful telephoto lenses or radio controlled shutter releases to photograph birds in flight!
Most photographs will be taken with a standard lens.  With these photographic techniques, the bird comes to your camera instead of you trying to reach the bird with telephoto lenses. Hiram College's Northwoods Campus is a perfect place for this phenomena, for hummingbirds come within inches of your camera.

In addition to classroom lectures, many field trips will be taken to photograph birds. The sand dunes of Michnigan, Cherry Lake, Seney Wildlife Refuge, Painted Lakeshore, Castle Rock, and many marsh areas on Lake Superior provide numerous wildlife locations. In addition to learning bird-flight photography techniques, close up photography will also be studied. Photographing rain drops, tiny flowers
, and insects is part of the course. This photography course takes cutting-edge photographic techniques and reduces them to easy to understand explanations. 




                                                                                                      A drop of cream entering my morning coffee at the Northwoods lodge.

The text book for this course is entitled "Bird Flight Photography" by Roger Cram and will be included free of charge for all students.