Appetizer Party



  Suggest items for those unable to decide what to bring ........    
  Ice, diet coke, soda pop, salt/pepper, wine openers, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail,
  pretzels, clam chowder, fruit salad, tossed salad, hot dogs on toothpicks, veggie tray, hard lemonade (Mike's), hockey puck

Student's Name

Food or Utensils Bringing Email
1 Tony Griffin Chips
2 Linda McConnell wine opener, diet coke, pretzels
3 John Barhoover Swedish meatballs
4 Jeff Neumann shrimp cocktail and Mike's Lemonade
5 Brian Koher cheese and crackers
6 Michael Mohan wings  ???
7 Nichol Holpuch ???
8 Brian Loveland wine
9 Leah Pesarchick veggie pizza & chocolate chip cookies
10   Plates, cups, utensils, napkins  
11 Kimako Levels wings
12 Kristy Sheer brownies, chips/salsa
13 Ron Orr buffalo chicken dip and chips
14 Jared Hager wine
15 Sefton Bryant ???
16 Tamaira Price ???